Logotype & Identity

Designing logotype, typeface and all those matters usefull to define a clear and strong brand identity

Illustration & Storyboard

Visualizing concept, drawing illustration and keyframes for any kind of sequential art

Print & Books

Designig clear and consistant layout for any kind of printed matter

Web & CMS

Website layout, interface design and WordPress site construction

About Me

Risendesign.it is a portfolio where I share my latest works and some old stuff, with whoever has an interest in graphic design and visual communication.

I am a graphic designer with experience in print and on screen design, and an extensive knowledge of all the media that are commonly used in the communication industry.

I'am able to deliver creative and innovative design solutions working alone or as part of a team. I can develop projects from a raw idea to final delivery respecting deadlines.


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Nova Logotype
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding
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WFP'S Response in Syria
Graphic Design
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Illustration, Digital Art, Drawing
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New Stuff
Graphic Design, Advertising, Print Design
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Puffin in Wonderland
Character Design, Graphic Design, Drawing
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App Meteo
UI/UX, Graphic Design
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Procedure di sicurezza nelle attività subacquee
Editorial Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
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6 Brevi argomenti di Biologia
Editorial Design, Print Design, Graphic Design
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Cheshire Puffin in Wonderland (COPIA)
Character Design, Illustration, Graphic Design
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Vera Bradley X Venus Style Guide
Branding, Graphic Design, Editorial Design
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